At INTEC-NANOTECH we understand industrial symbiosis as a circular approach to production. We design a local association in which resources are provided, shared and reused to create shared value.

  1. Total use of resources: water, energy and material flows of associated companies.

Through a systematic approach to part flows, we will select the highest potentials and initiate new projects that will ensure continuous optimization of resources.

  1. Strengthening the association: develop and anchor the local symbiotic mentality.

Our ambition is an open, value-creating network in the form of an active board and/or subgroups.

  1. Share the symbiotic mindset: inspire others to be part of a symbiosis.

We will support the communication and dissemination of industrial symbiosis, documenting the social, environmental and economic value, as well as facilitating new collaborations of symbiosis at the local and national level.

Our ambition is to maintain INTEC-NANOTECH, as the knowledge center of industrial symbiosis with a practice-oriented approach.


The cooperation between several industrial manufacturers and the active participation of the municipality are essential elements to design an industrial symbiosis estate. The name was inspired by the realm of biology, where the waste by-product of one organism becomes the raw material of another. This goes one step further in the new vision of symbiosis, with industrial symbiosis becoming the leader, with a circular approach to production.

For many years, the linear economic model of acquire-use-dispose has been the dominant social logic with respect to production and consumption. This way of thinking has a negative impact on the planet’s resources, and the circular economic perspective provides a new way of thinking. Being an economy that is regenerative and restorative by design, it could keep resources at the highest possible value at all times. With a precondition of avoiding incineration and landfills, by running on renewable energy, it is an economy that has the potential to decouple economic growth from growth in virgin resource extraction. Central to the circular economy is restoring and keeping limited resources in closed circulation, which could be a challenge to conventional strategic business thinking.

To achieve eco-efficiency, it is suggested to mimic natural cycles by rethinking, reinventing, redesigning, reorienting and recovering processes in a cradle-to-cradle and closed-loop perspective.

INTEC-NANOTECH encourages and supports transformative education and voluntary changes of all stakeholders involved from the top to the bottom of the pyramid. Other findings from the research project could be useful in encouraging and inspiring similar transformations of industrial collaboration towards a circular economy.

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