The advantages of solar road signs:

1. High brightness. Ordinary traffic signs cannot actively emit light and can only reflect light, while the brightness of solar LED traffic signs can be up to 2000 MCD, which can penetrate fog to guide drivers and pedestrians from effective way.
2. Energy saving. Solar traffic signs absorb solar energy, which is transformed into electrical energy and stored in the battery during the day, and constantly flashes or lights up at night. These traffic signs, which can be recycled and reused, are environmentally friendly and save Energy.
3. Long sight distance. The visual distance of ordinary traffic signs is about 100 meters, while that of solar traffic signs exceeds 800 meters, 8 times longer than traditional signs, which can let drivers or pedestrians know the status of the road beforehand.

vialetas señal

Features of solar road traffic signs:

1. Different sizes to meet the needs of all customers.
2. Using solar energy, zero energy consumption.
3. High brightness. All LEDs are automatically activated at night or in bad weather.
4. Good resistance to high (low) temperatures.
5. Great visual distance of more than 800 meters.

Why choose us:

1. We have an R+D+i team, which is investigating the production of advanced products.
2. Products of different sizes to adapt to different prescriptions Of the road.

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