At INTEC-NANOTECH we offer you INTEC-NANOT.ANTI RUST, a surface modification method that prevents, minimizes and controls corrosion. This preventive method is suitable for different applications and conditions, providing passive or active protection:

  • Passive protection is obtained when the coating forms a physical oxide barrier between the substrate and the surrounding environment.
  • Active protection is obtained when inhibitors are added in aggressive environments to prevent corrosion. Inhibitors minimize the rate of corrosion by being chemically absorbed into the surface of the material and forming a protective film or by reacting with the corrosive component.

Anti-corrosion nano-coatings offer advanced solutions to corrosion risks and failures. The unique properties of nanoscale systems and nanoparticles provide better corrosion prevention, strength and more comfortable application.

Corrosion is defined as the deterioration of a material (usually a metal) by invasive elements in its environment such as oxygen, chlorine, or carbon dioxide. As a result of this interaction between the metal and its environment, cracks or bites form in the material. Corrosion damage has economic effects, such as repair and maintenance costs, material loss, equipment damage, decreased efficiency, and reduced service life.

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