At INTEC-NANOTECH we offer surface treatments, among which it is worth mentioning the treatment for humidity and water leaks. On many occasions, during construction, rising damp occurs, caused when the porous structure materials are in the presence of water, causing it to reach heights much higher than the water table.

The intensity of the anomaly will lead us to make a decision about the system to be used to avoid it, choosing among them the most appropriate resource in the multidisciplinary range that we have at INTEC-NANOTECH

humedades y filtraciones de agua

The phenomenon is called capillarity and its effects are conditioned, among other factors, by the temperature, atmospheric pressure and diameter of the capillaries of each material. It can also be considered a factor of great influence, the transpiration of the flooded element. The most common manifestation in construction is presented to us in any wall, whose foundation starts from a more or less moistened ground. Over time, the wall acquires a dark, blackened band above ground level. The height of the flooded area shows the final situation, in which equilibrium has been reached between the ascending component of surface tension and the descending component of the action of gravity on the rising liquid.

It is worth highlighting the available means that we develop, to definitively solve the humidity caused by factors of different origin and that manifest themselves in different ways such as:

  • Leaks

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