We offer INTEC-NANOTECH a treatment for the elimination of graffiti without affecting the surface on which they have been applied, focusing on us, in one of the most latent evils in most of the historical, cultural and immoble centers of our cities. .

The resolutions in INTEC-NANOTECH, leading to the updating of methodologies used in the restoration of artistic heritage, are necessary insofar as maximum safety must be sought in the interventions carried out on the works and that seek to ensure their conservation in time. In this sense, we are applying advanced physical-chemical actions. The intervention of products, meet the most demanding standards of the market in terms of certifications and with the absence of volatile solvents (VOC).



The purpose pursued is to obtain new alternatives that allow their consequences to be eradicated without affecting the surface on which they have been applied. To address this proposal, we start from the analysis and study of the affected buildings. Next, we study what is related to graffiti (synthetic resins and the methods used to date for their elimination). From here and starting from a review of mural surface cleaning techniques, an experimental process is developed that aims to find a non-aggressive or intrusive methodology, to treat the affected surfaces efficiently.


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