Photovoltaic streetlights

Photovoltaic streetlights

INTEC-LIGHT STREET solar street lights today can provide reliable, high-quality lighting in both developed and developing countries, reducing light poverty and the economic and environmental costs of outdoor electric lighting.

The rapid technical innovation and drastic price reductions in LED components, photovoltaic modules and batteries, which have occurred in the last 5 years, will accelerate the penetration of solar LED lights on the streets around the world. Applications will not only be limited to countries with significant sunshine, but will also extend to northern regions.


The main applications of solar photovoltaic (SPV) technology that we design at INTEC-NANOTECH include water heating, cooling, drying, space heating, water distillation, detoxification, power generation and lighting. The current state of use of SPV, we present with reference to the added capacity, public lighting, lighting systems for the home and power plants.

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