Antithermic protection

Antithermic protection

Antithermic protection

High performance coating as WATERPROOFING and THERMAL INSULATION, suitable for cold and heat, based on acrylic resins and ceramic microspheres, valid for interior and exterior spaces. Resistant to washing and abrasion, it does not require any additional coating. It reflects the sun’s rays, reduces the passage of cold and heat from the interior/exterior of the property, generating energy savings and comfort.

Applied indoors, it prevents condensation caused by the thermal differential.


Its mechanical properties, its resistance to water and its elasticity minimize the formation of cracks. High resistance to atmospheric agents and good adhesion to porous supports such as concrete, plaster, cement, brick, etc., also non-porous surfaces such as galvanized, aluminium, pre-lacquered, PVC, etc.

Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

  1. Terraces
  2. Covers
  3. Exterior and interior facades
  4. Pipes, ducts, silos, tanks, etc.
  5. Thermal insulation by conduction and convection.
  6. Protects against corrosion and saline environment.
  7. It is elastic and seals micro cracks and pores.
  8. Prevents overheating of the surface and its expansion-contraction effects, as well as the consequences of said effects (cracks, breaks, etc.)
  9. Increases the life of roofs, terraces, etc. Reduce maintenance costs.
  10. Improves thermal comfort and acoustics indoors.
  11. Improve working conditions inside the premises.
  12. Significantly reduces cooling costs in the
    interior of the premises if it is applied by the exterior and those of
    heating/cooling if applied internally.
  13. The results are immediate.
  14. Long useful life.

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